Show to Tell

Visual Communication Cards

Our Mission at Sensory Mama is to support language, learning, and relationships at home and school.

Visual Communication Cards

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Appropriate for all ages and abilities

Show to Tell cards express the building blocks of communication. Using preschool level phrases with easy to understand pictures, children and adults can express basic needs and expectations.

Building skills and building relationships

Support your child to develop language skills and build confidence to express themselves. Visual aids can prevent frustrations and help you and your child to build routines and shared understanding.

Thoughtfully made

Put the power of language in your child’s hands. We work with a manufacturer of high quality playing cards to create cards that will withstand daily use.

It’s a win-win.

With your purchase, a set of cards will also be given to a child with special needs or a special education classroom.

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Prime members can enjoy free shipping. Get started with our Basic Phrases set of 22 cards or contact us and we can create a custom set together.

About Us

Sensory Mama was created by Emily Hemingway, a physical therapist who works with special needs children in Brooklyn, New York. Emily witnessed the frustrations of parents, therapists, and teachers who didn’t have the time to choose, print, and prepare communication aids for their children. Show to Tell cards were developed as a convenient tool to aid communication commonly seen in preschool age, whether it’s expressing a child’s need or reinforcing classroom rules.

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