The Idea Behind Teaminvest

Teaminvest was formed in 2007 by Howard Coleman, Mark Moreland and Prof. John Price. They were successful business owners and self-directed investors who were dismayed with the poor advice and performance of most in the investment industry.

Their idea was simple: They would build a community of experienced and successful business owners and investors – people just like themselves., who would consider investments from the perspective of an owner, not an analyst. The group would meet regularly to discuss potential investments in a structured and collaborative environment. The collective experience, insight and knowledge of peers would help guide the decisions of individual members. The result, significantly better portfolio performance and the avoidance of Capital Killers™.

What is Teaminvest?

Teaminvest is a collaborative think tank of over 400 experienced, successful, no-nonsense investors, who practice a proven investment strategy based on the uber successful Warren Buffett.

Collectively our members have over 10,000 years of business, professional and life experience on which to draw knowledge and guide decisions.

Teaminvest is not for everybody.

Members are approved and invited to join based on their experience, their willingness to contribute and their investment mindset.  We are not interested in those looking to get rich quick or to speculate on market price movements.

The 20/10 method – many members work on this method for their investment decisions, targeting a 20% average annual compound return over 10 years.

The result?  $1million portfolio grows to over $6million! This is an achievable goal but requires a disciplined Teaminvest approach to decision making and patience.

Listening to talking heads, advisors and reading consensus forecasts won’t help you if you want to be even close to a 20/10 investor.  Teaminvest members manage their own accounts and make their own decisions. We never charge commissions. We do however charge a flat joining and annual fee for membership.  Our Members collectively control over $1.5Billion in investable funds.

"I realised that this was a much more efficient way for me to learn about the share investments I had, whether they were good or not good, and what to do with them."

− Julia, Sydney Based Member

""I like the amount of data that you have got, its not just giving you an option but giving you a lot of data and sorting it for you""

− Peter, Gold Member

""Having a number of minds examine a particular company provides leverage to ones own effort and lays out a new more robust perspective. Here knowledge is not only power, but is also protection against making bad decision." "

− Bruce, Gold Member