In a world that is supported and moved by the virtually unyielding power of metal and plastic, the welder reigns supreme. The welder is a word that describes anything that is used to effectively fuse materials like metals and plastics together. “Welder” is also sometimes used to refer to a person who welds things together (though to differentiate, the spelling “weldor” is used to describe the person), but in more proper contexts, a welder is a tool or a machine that uses heat to partially melt metal or thermoplastics so that they could be combined into one larger cohesive part.

The key to welding, some would claim, is to create a fairly generous welding pool which, when cooled off, would make up a strongly-bonded joint or line. That being said, it is quite important that the welder – that is, the welding tool that you use – is the right kind of tool for the job. This is why we have set up this site – so that w
e could show you everything that you need for welding. In this site, we will introduce you not only to welders, but also to the tools and the supplies you need in order to manage welding properly. We will also be dedicating an entire section to welder companies that offer their services and welding jobs that need to be done. So have a look around, and hope you find what you need.

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