Somebody had opened the window.

Do you like red wine?

Tracey told Chris about last night's ordeal.

We had a debate about this in my class.

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George always does his best, and that's what I like about him.

Without a basic understanding of certain norms, communication is impossible.

I'm the same height as he is.

Can I book two seats on that flight?

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

He was the last person I had expected to see during my stay in America.

I told you you had to go home. Why are you still here?

I talk to them all the time.

There's no food left.

I know how to read between the lines.

Herman found nothing to say in return.

You saw the dog that belonged to the man I was flirting with.

This story is based on a true story.

A more plausible proposal is the one Leech presented in conjunction with Emmet's theory.

You've got to try this.

They hardly paused.


Ritchey never told me exactly how he and Francisco met each other.

They got to a village under a hill.

You're one of them, aren't you?


The dog jumped over a chair.

Thank you for remembering my birthday.

Which house is his?

Let's review the evidence.

What's the minimum salary in Greece?

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You're destined for something else.

The cat has hidden under the bench.

I couldn't find my big blue dictionary. Where did you hide it?

You must switch off the power before checking the circuit.

You may choose any book you like.

Even though we were supposed to meet at 10, I've had no contact with them. I wonder if they've had an accident.

Turkeer asked Amanda if she loved him.

Roland isn't as strong as before.

I rescued you.

It looks like we're all here.

Lin was OK with it.

I hope that you are good.

He will often forget his promise.


I don't think I'll ever retire.

If civilization is to survive, it must choose the rule of law.

The earth's ecosystem is to some extent self-correcting, so it is also possible that the effects are being masked by other changes.

Would you mind if I drive?

Murray and Glen got married this year in the spring.

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Holly was unlucky.

Part told us all about you.

He was groggy from too much wine.


I enjoy spending time with them.


Barney didn't do much work today.

I prefer staying home to going fishing.

What's your problem? I don't understand.


Pierce isn't that much older than Coleen.

I just have a few more questions.

Germany shares a border with the Netherlands.

The answer you give now will determine the course of the rest of your life. I advise you to consider your response carefully.

What you did to Norbert was cruel.


When I was in New York, I happened to meet my old friend.

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It's making me nervous.

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Kaj could say nothing more.


Do you pronounce it "Zed" or "Zee"?


Clarence's father's name was John.


Don't you think that the cookies that you baked today are the most delicious amongst the cookies that you have baked so far?

We should've tried harder.

The peace talks failed once again.


Let's not ever make that mistake.

Why have you been late to school every day this week?

Kee seems real sweet.

I ought to give them a call.

Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Why did you want us to come here?

The serious job shortage is also affecting those illegal foreign workers.


The TV commercial is drawing well.

Have you considered trying to find a job in Boston?

The doctor told Claude that his hair would grow back.


The duty of a daughter is in obedience.

But for the rain, we would have had a pleasant journey.

I can't remember the last time I did this.

You should have stopped while you had the chance.

I was just wondering why you haven't yet turned in your homework assignment.

Anyone know where Nikolai's gone off to?

Perry can't believe Wilmer's pretending nothing's wrong.

Jinchao could barely keep up with Francis.

Marc has never done that.

He advised me that he had arrived.

Don't stay too long!

She advised him to see a lawyer, so he did.

Is that your own hair?


Speaking of his eating habits, they're revolting aren't they?


You can blame me for what happened.


Although I have been studying Chinese for 2 years, there are still a lot of words I do not know.

We sometimes make mistakes.

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.

How did you get them?

She looked at me.

He plays the piano very well.

Nobody is indispensable.

Exactly what was supposed to happen?

Any magazine will do.


I ate the meat.


How many markets are there in this town?


Visiting Ellen was a mistake.

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Where did the money go?


She despised her husband.

You can't pay too much for good shoes.

Emma was fired for a good reason.


The Bible is the great best seller of all times.

If you had helped me, I should have succeeded.

How long does this usually take?

I understand French better than I can speak it.

I grew up looking at that particular sign.

Nathan dropped a coin into the beggar's cup.

They don't have a choice.


He is writing a letter to his brother.

It is our custom to visit Japan in October.

Don't let them scare you.


I'm looking out for him.

This is a good point.

Language is a system of signs.

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I get home at 4.30 and do my homework.

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You're a sicko!


Something has gone wrong.

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All the girls around her say she's got it coming.


I always figured Paula would become a teacher.


Torsten considered herself unworthy of the affection Thierry offered her.

I don't want to wake my neighbors.

The lamp was suspended from the branch of a tree.


I felt that they were wrong.


I'm sure that dress will look good on Mysore.


"The two of you need to take the basket of apples over to your grandfather," the mother said. "You will grab it from one side, and you - from the other. And that's how you'll set out."

Would you mind telling me all about it now?

You don't need to get a haircut this week.

Rajesh teaches.

Mistakes happen to myself all the time.

Having lived in the town, I'm not a stranger there.

"I can count from 1 to 100 in French now." "Wow, that's great. How about counting backwards from 100 to 1?" "No, that's still impossible for me."


I bought a new television.

Do you mean to see Shel before you go?

Judith never felt comfortable expressing his own opinion.

Yvonne answered the next question on the list.

Did you want to kill Jarvis?

John can't play the guitar.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

And history was changed forever.

The ruling party is running a smear campaign against the opposition.


Japanese speakers of English often have difficulty in dealing with informal conversation, such as at parties or in small informal groups.

Did you, or did you not, tip Manny off?

I love crawfish.

I don't understand what the problem is.

She wrote in ink.


Put the plan on the scrap heap.

No gains without pains.

You can reach me at the address written here.

A few years ago, on Mother's Day, I gave my stepmother a locket as a present.

You really don't have the right priorities!


The square root of one hundred forty-four is twelve.