What's troubling you?

I finally was able to do it.

It was such a boring speech that I fell asleep.

The rebellion was suppressed.

The magazines were dog-eared.

Eileen was homesick.

You really are short, aren't you?

He learnt driving in Ireland.

First of all, please do a simple self-introduction.

I told him what time to come.

You and I will run.

She went to the hospital yesterday.


They should be ignored.


Please let me go and see them.

He wants to understand how traffic propagates.

We were crushed into the crowded train.

"Does it still work?" "Define 'work'."

I need them to know that.

Mr. Yoshida never breaks his promise.

With the weather getting worse, the departure was put off.

Here are the details.

Sehyo asked for a beer.

She drives me totally insane.

You add examples but you don't translate them.

I'll come at five to pick you up at your place.

This is the first time I've written anything in French.

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Politicians never tell us their inner thoughts.

What does Ray mean by that?

Are you guys having a good time?


Indra has friends all over the world.

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She gulped down half her tea in one mouthful.


Kaj is almost never late.

Its long neck resembles that of a horse.

We can't let Noam walk. Let's give him a ride.

We've sold all the tickets.

Sanity admitted that he had stolen money from Manavendra.

There are many doubts to a child.

We own a few hundred acres between the three of us.

He's shit-faced.

I don't care about either one.

She danced with joy.

I'd like to know how to paint like that.

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I heard the children singing together.


You should know how to cook a chicken.

Do you know them well?

We can't look at that right now.

The train was derailed, and panic ensued.

(Do you) need my help at all?

You will be absent for three days.

It is said that he wrote this book.


Sjaak didn't anticipate a problem.

I've never told anybody this before.

I keep thinking about how much fun we used to have together.

The last time our family got together was three Christmases ago.

I can't bear the thought of losing you.


What did you smoke?

Briggs is always too sleepy for sex.

They both looked back at me.

Is that what you've decided to do?

I appreciate your efforts.

If you don't talk louder, he won't be able to hear you.

You have lovely eyes, don't you?


That guy cannot handle his liquor.

It's dangerous for you to cross the street when the light is red.

I really enjoyed reading this book.


The impurities of the water were visible to the naked eye.

You're being mean.

They went hand in hand.


I think Pia should stay.


I know everything about her.

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I never deceived you.

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I just need you to trust me.


I want to raise a family.

Have you ever fished on this river?

It is kind of her to show me the way.


The teenager is showing off his new car.

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Lois was eaten by a tiger.

It is the job of his own choosing.

Rynok Square is the historic centre of the city.

Who is coming with me?

I second that.

The station is in the center of the city.

She has a hot temper.

Mercury has the greatest temperature range of any planet or natural satellite in our solar system.

Let's give Elijah some space.

The government is trying to develop solar energy.

Three passengers were hospitalized.


Tell Lorien I'm working as fast as I can.


Josip told me that wasn't true.

Julian's book tops Christmas sales of books and hardly any book will put it off its game.

High school is not enough.

I want to have my own room.

Republican leaders denied the charge.

God, don't mock my faith!

I'm sorry that I can't meet you tonight.


You can't have a conversation without an interlocutor.

A big typhoon is coming on.

I thought Vivek would ask Sharon a few questions.

The doctor gave me a shot.

I didn't know that you were in this town.

We should've bought three bottles of wine.

The magnitude of the force acting over a small section of an object immersed in a fluid equals the pressure p times the area A of the section.

I have a lot of work here.

Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

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That's what scares me.


"Why?" "Because fuck you, that's why."

This kid just isn't possible.

Please give me this book.


She shut the book and closed her eyes.

Don't rush to my defense.

I won't forget him.

It doesn't seem that big.

I speak French pretty much every day.

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Do you have any idea where Arne might be?

I think I want to study Persian.

Capitalists assume people are competitive in nature.

Administrator and moderators are working for the best language tool, Tatoeba Project.

That is most agreeable to the taste.

I'm listening to you.

It hardly ever rains there.


I don't like being around poor people.

All the other children in the school had rich parents, and he was beginning to feel like a fish out of water.

We protested against the reduction in wages.

I thought it was a nice wedding.

It's a programmer that they need for that job.


Sanford says he only drinks one beer a day.

Naresh ordered fizzy water.

Let's get this thing working.

That was totally rad.

Send me some!

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Danny is the one you should be afraid of.

Takayuki had a heart attack.

That wasn't the intent.

They studied English yesterday.

I'll give you anything that you want.


I expect to be called away soon.

I tried to open the window, but it seems to be stuck.

Let's hope we get there on time.

Some of us find such views to be sheer madness.

No steam breaks bones.

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Clifford won't know we're here unless we tell him.


He doesn't know Kazakh language.

I think I've showed considerable constraint under the circumstances.

He's not here right now.

I am looking for you.

I play guitar with a band every Saturday night.

Let's go to a Chinese restaurant.

A baby was flung out of its mother's arms when a plane hit severe turbulence while commencing its descent prior to landing.

Will anyone be disappointed?

You know I don't like lying.


After climbing Mt. Fuji, I got the inspiration for a poem.

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She comes to visit us every now and then.

The handle of this pan is easy to hold.

Can I use this eraser?


Klaudia knows better than to play with matches.


Ssi sat in his rocking chair, reading a novel.

This is my favorite outfit.

Children are our shift, our future, the continuation of the people's life.

My friend goes to the library to study.

We adore going on picnics.

This isn't a hospital.

You're avoiding me.


Smoking is strictly forbidden.