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September 20, 2021

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Astrid Gutierrez

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How Going Green Can Save You Dollars

Green energy has become more popular every year. It also has been embraced by environmentally conscious consumers.  An example is Apple. The company recently opened its headquarters in Apple Park. The new building features a suite of solar panels that produce 4 million watts of energy, saving the company a serious amount of money. Patagonia is another company that has embraced climate-friendly policies. For example, the mission statement on their website reads, “Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” By implementing climate-friendly policies, the company has reduced costs and has more loyal customers.  This article aims to help business owners to understand the many advantages of implementing green policies. These policies will lower your business operating costs and make it easier for your brand to resonate with customers, employees, and potential customers.  Lower operating and fixed costs Overhead costs can be a significant financial burden for organizations to overcome. Overhead can turn a profitable business into the red. However, organizations like Apple or UPS have reduced their overhead and are generating incredible results.  One way to lower operating costs for a business is to insulate themselves from risks that associate them with variable operating costs and […] read more
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