You spend hours picking out the perfect outfit. You stand in the mirror for God knows how long making sure no hair is out of place. Shoes and purse… fierce. Make-up… completely flawless. You’ve been taking dance classes for the past few weeks and in fact you just finished a 6 week beginners Salsa course. You have the look…you have the moves… but you will soon find out you’re missing one important piece… the attitude.

You ride along with your friends, with the music blasting expecting a fun night. You arrive at the club and you hear the beat of the conga. You watch as smooth gentleman whisk women away to the dance floor and the ladies gracefully move to the beat. “Wow” you think to yourself…”everyone is just so good!” Before you know it you’re in the back of the room with clammy hands avoiding eye contact. You’ve gone from hoping for a night of dancing and great times to feeling like your back at your 6th grade Sadie Hawkins dance. In an effort to maybe meet someone or bring a bit of attention to yourself you move to the bar. No one says anything to you and certainly no one asks you to dance. You think to yourself… “Maybe I should buy a drink to loosen up”. You get the drink… and feel a little better… but no one comes over to you. Your friends have already spread out. The ones who had no intention to dance are hovering near you while the brave are out on the floor.

What went wrong? If you’re like most women especially women who don’t get out much… within the first 20 minutes of being out you started to doubt yourself. Women, we are our own worst enemy. We tear ourselves down before we give anyone else a chance too. I have taught countless dance classes where I have heard the following…

I don’t go out because no one will dance with me… I’m overweight.

No one will dance with me because I’m ugly.

No one will dance with me because I don’t have nice clothes.

No one will dance with me because I’m not that good.

No one will dance with me because I’m not sexy.

No one will dance with me because I’m not thin enough.

The list goes on. What I am here to tell you and what I have told many of my students is that NONE of that is true. I have given the following advice to countless women who after following my simple tips would find that not only were they being asked to dance, but they could barely get off the dance floor!

I wrote this quick guide to getting on the dance floor to help women everywhere get out… get moving and feel better about themselves.

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